Los Angeles to Dallas

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Dallas Auto Shipping wants you to know major city to major city is always best. With Los Angeles to Dallas it really doesn’t get any better for the customer. With great rates and a wide range of trucks to choose from it makes it one of the best route to ship nationwide.

Dallas Auto Shipping and its approved driver will usually get this transport completed in 3-4 days from pickup. Sometimes the driver is turning around for another run or is moving on to other states. Either way they like to get them on and off quickly.


Dallas Auto Shipping

Also 10 out of the 12 months of the year its best to ship East. This is because there’s always more vehicles going West so the drivers need to take vehicles not paying as well to get back to the vehicles that are paying well. So basically you get the same great service without paying as much. Typical savings should be around 150$ or so.

The average transport cost for this route is around 750$ for a small vehicle. All of our transports are fully insured and come with door to door delivery(depending on your street access). The rate is a starting price and goes up from there depending on size of the vehicle. Most vehicles shipped for any route are sedans and SUV’s.

If you’re interested in getting started visit our home page and click the quote button. You will received one email that you can reply the order details to start the transport process. Thanks from Dallas Auto Shipping we hope you consider us to ship your vehicle(s).

Dallas Auto Shipping


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