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Welcome to Dallas Auto Shipping. We enjoy working and sharing great experiences with regards to car dealers. We’ve done this once before with Land Rover Dallas and customers found it useful. So here we are again to tell you a story of a customer of DrivesSelect in Grand Prairie.

Customer said they were referred but we’ve never shipped for them before. Good news does travel fast from time to time. Anyway, we love to work with good car dealers. First off most car dealers are not very good, they’re misleading for the most part. So when we find a good one we share.

So back to our customer he found a great deal on his daughters new car for graduating and heading to college. Current rates are very good shipping West so from door to door we locked him in at 600$. This particular auto transport went from the dealership in Grand Prairie to Scottsdale, AZ. This will take 2-3 days from pickup to delivery.

So in short if you’re looking for a few good new and used dealerships click the links below. If you need it shipped check out our quote button here to get started.

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