Auto Shipping Process

The auto-shipping process usually starts with “I wonder what it costs to ship my vehicle” and from there you find yourself here. Now for the tricky part, most customers don’t find our site first because we don’t advertise. Hopefully, you didn’t hit a lead site, but if you did you’ll know it with the endless calls and emails. We’re not a lead site, you’ve reached the actual auto-shipping company with local drivers in many of the major cities around Texas. We ship both locally and Nationwide with open and enclosed trailers.

The next thing you’ll need to do is get an auto-shipping quote by visiting our free quote page. From there you’ll receive one email back with a rate that’s all-inclusive. Meaning it’s the final amount you pay, unlike most companies who start you off low and will then raise the rate because they can’t find you a truck that will do it for the rate given. This business practice is done by half the brokers out there and gives customers a bad view of brokers. It’s very unfortunate because brokers exist because most carriers do one route and therefore can’t handle 95% of customers. Also, it’s a totally different world being a carrier compared to a broker (we know this because we started as a carrier!).

Dallas Auto Shipping Process

Quote Received

OK, now that you have your rate you’ll figure out if it might be cheaper to do it yourself. Some routes are better to do yourself actually, it just depends on how much your time is worth. We understand all of this and are honest with all of our potential customers. Quoting is different for every route because of demand and cost for the driver to do the route needed. For example flat terrain is usually cheaper than going up and down an elevation of some kind. It adds wear and tear along with more fuel consumption.

Now you’re ready to pull the trigger and ship your vehicle. now what we’ll need are the details to get you set to load. We’ll need addresses and contact info for pickup and delivery. We’ll then start the process of locating a truck. Most companies will post to a load board and wait for a call. We don’t just do that we’ve built a route tree and system with qualified drivers that we can trust to make your experience great. If we send you a driver to pick up and deliver your vehicle he needs to do a job that will reflect our goals. Most brokers will send whoever calls them for the load. It’s just something we’ve never done because as we said before we started out as a carrier and we know how some companies operate.


After your scheduled delivery time will vary for each route. We’ll add a chart below to give you an idea but it’s just something to go by, it won’t be exact. All orders are considered door-to-door but not really. You do give us the best addresses for pickup and delivery but most trucks are 80 feet long and can’t get down your street. We tell most customers large Walmart or Home Depot parking lots are best. Uber and Lyft are great resources to get back to if needed.

We hope our Auto Shipping Process page has helped you decide on an auto shipping company or that this page was helpful in understanding the industry better. Not all car shipping companies are the same. We have always stood out in the industry, mainly because we come from the carrier side of the industry. The more information you have will help in the long run

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Dallas Auto Shipping Process

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