Jaguar Land Rover Dallas

Jaguar Land Rover Dallas

Welcome and this is actually a first for us but here we go. We’re posting about Jaguar Land Rover of Dallas because this is our 4th time shipping a vehicle from this dealership recently. Everyone at this location is top-notch. Service is just great so we’d like to share how this helps us even though we’re not in the car sales industry.

This particular Land Rover Range Rover Sport was shipped Enclosed to Chicago, IL. Shipping enclosed to the Chicago, IL area from the Dallas, TX area is actually one of the best-enclosed routes nationwide. It’s great for a few reasons like price, turnaround time, and the amount of trailer space available.

When working with a top-notch dealership such as this one everyone that we’re connected to is responsive and helpful. They know what to do both for their customer as well as the driver for the transport. Because most a lot of vehicles that need to ship enclosed are purchased out of state it’s nice to have a contact who knows how the transport industry works.

When this transport started customer contacted us before payment was made. At this time we can only get the ball rolling on the transport because no dealership will release a vehicle without payment. So we started by scheduling based on when the customer’s payment would clear. By doing this we can time a driver who is usually in the area 1-2 days doing his/her pickups. Once the vehicle was released the driver was already in the area for pickup.

We like to use 2 car enclosed for not only a safer trip but faster as well. Delivery is usually the next day for this route. Which isn’t usually an issue even if you’re flying into Dallas to look at the vehicle yourself because you’ll be back in time to accept it.

Dallas Auto Shipping


First off enclosed shipping is typically 50% more when compared to an open trailer. But for this Dallas to Chicago route enclosed is cheap when comparing other similar routes. It’s under 1000 miles so the typical rate is around 1200$ depending on the size of the vehicle. Usually, customers needing an enclosed trailer are shipping something low to the ground(exotic car). In this case a Range Rover and drive over most things you’ll find on the roads and even off roads if that’s your thing.

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