Welcome to Dallas Auto Shipping. We hope you found us before you found one of those lead providers or broker-only websites. If you did and you’re looking for help, you’ve come to the right place.

We started shipping cars in 2007 and quickly learned the hard way how challenging it was to be an auto transport carrier, but that’s what makes our service so good today. We can guide you through all of the distractions of “car shipping.”

Here’s our Contact info(469-458-7003) if that’s all you need for now, but we’ll continue below with more information about our services.

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Dallas Auto Shipping is a nationwide car shipping service that helps guide you away from the bad parts of auto transport. In short, about 50% of the carriers and about 85% of brokers aren’t worth using.

All of the lead-provider services are 100% useless! They sell your info to slave-driving brokers who use machines to dial thousands of leads a day, getting customers in contracts that seal deposits. This is a terrible industry in our opinion.

Dallas Auto Shipping

We know how to ship vehicles all over the country. Some routes are good, and some are bad. We can prepare you for what’s ahead of you; if you know that, it’s much easier. Many transporters fear telling customers the truth because they might lose the job. Not with Dallas Auto Shipping; we will give you the info you need to make the best decision for your move. If the information we provide helps you learn more about the industry and you have good transport elsewhere, that’s all we care about. We want to change the industry for the better. Thanks for kicking the tires on Dallas Auto Shipping.

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